看看 NPR 上的这篇文章,一定要看到最后一段:


When It Comes To Shampoo, Less Is More

Americans love to shampoo. We lather up an average of 4.59 times a week, twice as much as Italians and Spaniards, according to shampoo-maker Procter & Gamble.


But that’s way too often, say hair stylists and dermatologists. Daily washing, they say, strips the hair of beneficial oil (called sebum) and can damage our locks.


Shampoo Is Big Business

The current trend of frequent shampoos may have started on May 10, 1908, when the New York Times published a column advising women that it was OK to wash their hair every two weeks. At that time, once a month was the norm.


Decades later, TV marketing campaigns began to convince us that daily washing was the thing to do. A 1970s Faberge ad for Farrah Fawcett shampoo is one example.


“All you have to do is watch her running in slow motion on a beach with her hair flopping gracefully in the wind,” says Steve Meltzer, a former ad executive. The idea was, “Wash your hair with this stuff, and you, too, can be like Farrah Fawcett,” Meltzer says.

Madison Avenue sold people on the idea that they could shampoo their way back to beauty.


Ads also convinced us that daily hair washing is healthy. Remember the Breck girls? Or how about Christie Brinkley’s body-building for hair ad with Prell?


Skipping Shampoos Is, Well, Un-American


Americans took easily to the idea that we should shampoo frequently. And lots of us find it disgusting to shampoo any less than once a day. Take some fitness-conscious college students from Georgetown University, for example. When I told them about the old-time advice to wash once a month, they almost gagged.


“That is way too little hair shampooing,” laughs Jane Caudell-Feagan.

“If I don’t shower every day, my hair gets greasy, so I think it’s completely heinous,” says her friend Ashley Carlini. After a workout, they say, it would be disgusting not to wash your hair.

Eco-Conscious ‘No-‘Poo’ Movement

Given our cultural propensity to lather up frequently, it may be shocking that in some eco-conscious circles of society, some people are giving up shampoo.


“There’s a lot of people doing this no-shampoo movement,” says 20-something blogger Jeanne Haegele. She writes a blog called LifeLessPlastic.

”目前有很多人在试着不用洗发精,“ 一名二十来岁的博客写手何葛莱如是说。

In an attempt to buy fewer items with plastic packaging, Haegele recently went three months without using any shampoo. Instead, she washed her hair with baking soda twice a week and conditioned it with a vinegar rinse.


She says her hair didn’t smell, and her friends were very supportive. “Maybe they were secretly wondering why I smelled like a jar of pickles,” she says jokingly.


She ended the no-‘poo experiment after developing a bad case of dandruff, but Haegele says she might try it again.


She recalls the biggest surprise was that her hair didn’t get very greasy. For now, she’s using shampoo bars a few times a week.


Dermatologist Recommends Shampooing Less


Experts say Haegele’s observations are not flaky. As she washed less, her sebaceous glands began producing less sebum oil.


“If you wash your hair every day, you’re removing the sebum,” explains Michelle Hanjani, a dermatologist at Columbia University. “Then the oil glands compensate by producing more oil,” she says.

“如果你每天洗头,油都给你洗没了。” (纽约市的)哥伦比亚大学皮肤科医生汉佳力如是说。“然后皮脂腺又使劲造更多的油。”

She recommends that patients wash their hair no more than two or three times a week.


There’s also a lot of variation among hair types. African-Americans and people with curly hair can go even longer between washes compared to folks with straight hair.


So, it seems, less is more. And maybe our grandmothers were on to something after all.



8 responses to “没事别天天洗头了,当心秃顶!

  1. 执子之手偕老


  2. 我三天洗一次头发,不然头发就油油的成绺了~

  3. 我姥姥据说一辈子没洗过头,反正我记事起,她就没洗过,说洗头后,头发太滑,就不好编缵了,天天用那种很细密的梳子来刮刮,我那时也没觉得她脏,呵呵。

  4. 每个人的发质不同。我一般三天洗一次头,要是不洗,头发不像一般人那样发油,而是发干,用洗发精洗过,再用些发膜,头发就会柔顺油亮。

  5. 我一直都是短发,每天早上起来就是个鸡窝头,所以从初中开始就养成了每天洗头的习惯,一直改不掉。:(


  6. 水油平衡很关键。我就是天天洗,尤其是压力特别大,试验强度高加上熬夜的时候,不洗完全不能见人!亏我还是研究皮肤油脂代谢的。。最近换了一种洗发水,而且停用护发素,改用少许发膜。终于有所改观了,勉强撑到2-3天。回国的时候我一周洗两次就行了,因为不用见到老板,完全没有压力!

  7. 因人而异,还要看你是否使用头发定型剂,有的人每天都喷发胶之类的东西,那就要多洗几次头。


  8. 想起几十年的洗发史。







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