By Noelia Trujillo

You know what cellulite looks like–cottage cheese, anyone?–but you may not know what it is exactly. As fat cells accumulate and expand beneath skin, they push against tissue, causing an uneven appearance “commonly found on the hips, thighs, buttocks and back of arms,” says osteopathic physician Robert A. Kominiarek, DO. But you don’t need to stay inside during swimsuit season or avoid clingy clothing. Adding the right foods and drinks to your diet can reduce cellulite. Munch your way to a smoother-looking body with these nutritious picks.


1. Salmon (三文鱼)

Reel in a serving of this healthy catch. It’s rich in antioxidants, which break down fat cells in cellulite, says Joshua Zeichner, MD, director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City. The omega-3 fatty acids also in salmon “reduce appetite and low-level inflammation and repair and strengthen skin tissue and fibers,” says Lori L. Shemek, PhD, a certified nutritional consultant in the Dallas area. This decreases the build-up of toxins inside blood vessels and improves circulation-the waste trapped in the tissues that push against skin filters out.


2. Sunflower Seeds (葵瓜子)

They’re the new nuts, says nutritionist Rania Batayneh, author of the forthcoming The One One One Diet. That’s because they’re a good source of vitamin E, potassium and zinc, as well as vitamin B6, a super lump-fighter. “Not only does B6 help metabolize proteins that strengthen and repair connective tissue,” says Batayneh, “but it’s also a natural diuretic, eliminating excess water and bloating that can make cellulite more visible.”


3. Chili and Cayenne Peppers (辣椒)

Break out the hot sauce! These peppers’ vitamin B6 restores and fortifies connective tissue, making them an excellent weapon in fighting unwanted dimpling, says Batayneh. Research also shows that hot peppers’ capsaicin “can boost your metabolism by up to 25% for three hours after you eat them,” says Dr. Shemek. This makes your body efficiently burn off calories, which aids in fat loss. It also improves blood flow, flushing out toxins and reducing fat deposits under connective cords, lessening the puckered look.


4. Dark Berries (深色浆果)

Blackberries and blueberries enhance collagen production, creating new skin tissue, says Dr. Shemek. And that improves skin’s tone and texture. But that’s not all: These dark berries also contain antioxidants, which break down fat attached to the connective tissue. “This allows skin to keep fat beneath it at bay and not push forward and appear lumpy,” says Dr. Zeichner.

黑莓和蓝莓增强胶原蛋白的生产,创造新的皮肤组织,改善皮肤的色调和纹理。但是这还不是全部:这些深色浆果还含有抗氧化剂,能分解脂肪。 这可以让肌肤把脂肪保持在它下方,而不让脂肪推动肌肤出现橘皮纹。

5. Apple Cider Vinegar (苹果醋)

Great for mixing into salad dressing and juice, this vinegar’s potassium, magnesium and calcium “flush out toxins and relieve water retention around the thighs and stomach,” says Dr. Shemek. The result: reduced bloating and cellulite. “Flushing out toxins also helps flush out stress hormones, detox your liver and rebalance estrogen production, which contribute to reducing or reversing cellulite,” she adds. Plus, apple cider vinegar may also help you lose weight. Less fat means fewer bumps!

苹果醋可以用在沙拉酱里。苹果醋的钾,镁和钙可以排除毒素,减轻水滞留在大腿和肚子周围,减少腹胀和脂肪。 清除毒素也有助于清除因压力产生的激素,帮助肝脏排毒平衡雌激素的生产,这有助于减少脂肪。苹果醋也可以帮助减肥,脂肪少意味着更少的疙瘩!

6. Green and Herbal Tea (绿茶和中药茶)

The active ingredient Epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, in green, dandelion and ginger teas, speeds up metabolism and increases fat burn, says Dr. Shemek. That stops the expansion of fat cells that cause cellulite. Also, tea’s small amount of caffeine works with EGCG to flush out toxins and dehydrate fat, which minimizes fat cells pushing against skin and reduces puckering, says Karlene Karst, a registered dietitian in Vancouver. So why not coffee? Its higher amounts of caffeine dehydrate you too much, causing your body to hold on to liquids and toxins that expand fat under skin.

绿茶,蒲公英茶和生姜茶里的活性成分儿茶素酸酯(EGCG),可以加速新陈代谢,增加脂肪燃烧,停止脂肪细胞扩张。此外,茶中的少量咖啡因和EGCG一起运作能排除毒素和让脂肪脱水,减少褶皱。那么,为什么不是咖啡? 因其含量较高的咖啡因让你脱水太多,导致​​你的身体留住液体和毒素,因而扩张皮肤下的脂肪细胞。

7. Olive Oil (橄榄油)

“One major mistake all women make: fearing fat,” says Stella Metsovas, a clinical nutritionist in California. Olive oil provides the body with not-so-heavily-processed monounsaturated fats and polyphenols that keep your thyroid healthy. A properly functioning thyroid boosts metabolism, burns fat and energizes skin-building cells-all things that reduce fat cell expansion and thicken skin to cover dents. “Cook olive oil at low temperatures and drizzle it on fiber-rich vegetables throughout the day” for the biggest benefits, Metsovas adds.


8. Dark Chocolate (黑巧克力)

Attention chocoholics! You don’t have to sacrifice your favorite sweet for firm skin. Natural cocoa is full of antioxidants, which break down fat in cellulite and improve the function of all cells, including skin-building ones, says Karst. The caffeine aids in dehydrating fat cells under skin, evening out the surface. Karst recommends satisfying your sweet tooth with 1 square or ounce of at least 80% dark chocolate per day to metabolize fat and keep skin dimple-free.

可可粉富含抗氧化剂,可以分解脂肪,改善细胞功能,包括修建皮肤的细胞功能。咖啡因有助于脂肪细胞脱水,光滑皮肤。 专家建议可以每天吃一小块黑巧克力或一盎司至少含80%可可粉的黑巧克力。

9. Hummus (鹰嘴豆泥)

This popular spread is a low-glycemic food, meaning your body can use it efficiently for energy, “resulting in smaller fat cells and a decreased appearance of or prevention of cellulite,” says Dr. Kominiarek. While there’s no particular component of hummus that fights cellulite most, the food puts only a small amount of glucose into the blood, causing a minimum insulin release. Since insulin is a fat storage hormone, eating low-glycemic foods prevents fat cells from expanding and forming cellulite.


10. Saffron (藏红花)

Spice up your meals for a fat-bursting effect. “Saffron contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that discourage fat cell expansion,” says Alan Roberts, PhD. Just a couple ounces of this ingredient in spice or liquid form can suppress your appetite and increase circulation between tissues. “Boosting circulation can reduce cellulite by increasing muscle tone under the skin,” eliminating the valleys on the surface and creating a stronger, smoother look, he says. Sprinkle saffron onto avocado wedges for a healthy snack, suggests Dr. Roberts, or add it to your favorite salad dressing or sauce.

用香料来抑制脂肪的生成。藏红花含有消炎成分,阻止脂肪细胞膨胀。只是几盎司香料或液体形式可以抑制你的食欲,提高组织系统之间的流通。 它可以促进血液循环,减少脂肪在皮肤下形成。专家说在鳄梨上撒上藏红花是一种健康的零食或把它添加到你最喜欢的沙拉酱或拌酱里。


4 responses to “那些帮你战胜橘皮纹的食物

  1. 谢谢艾看园把原文编译成汉语。


  2. 除了葵瓜子和藏红花,其他八样我都常吃。


    葵瓜子里欧米茄6油和欧米茄3油的比例太高,差不多800:1,据说多吃容易引起体内炎症,食材中欧米茄6油(omega-6)和欧米茄3油(omega-3)比例每日平均大概4:1左右对身体最好。橄榄油中的比例是13:1,黄豆油是7.5: 1, 三文鱼是1:23。

  3. 回复“艾友友”,it’s my pleasure. :)

  4. 橘皮纹主要是皮下脂肪和肌肉流失造成的,经常锻炼就能减少橘皮纹的产生。


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